Scope and Purpose of Project: This project aims to educate users and disseminate information concerning the geographic history and structure of political subdivisions and local government.

Quality and Completeness: The data included in this resource is incomplete. Records from previous centuries do not contain as much information as desired. Certain primary records are inaccessible or no longer existent. Depending on the era, local government boundaries were able to be altered by municipal, county, state, provincial, federal, or royal officials, each maintaining their own sets of records, which may or may not have survived the test of time. Land surveys conducted prior to the invention of modern surveying equipment were often inaccurate, and may not align properly with other surveys of the same boundary. While every effort has been made to include data of high quality within this project, certain data may be inaccurate or of low quality due to data entry errors or inaccuracies in source documents.

Not a Government Document: While much of the data on this resource is derived from official government records, this resource is not affiliated with or endorsed by any government agency at any level.

Not Legal Advice: The information in this project was not compiled or reviewed by an attorney, and does not constitute either legal advice or the opinion of an attorney. If you have questions of law concerning the data in this project, or concerning a local boundary line, you are encouraged to contact an attorney licensed in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Not the Product of a Surveyor: The information in this project was not compiled or reviewed by a land surveyor. Any mapping or other data on this resource only shows approximate boundaries, and is not of surveying or engineering quality. If you have questions about the exact location of a boundary, or need to ascertain a boundary, you are encouraged to contact a land surveyor licensed in the appropriate jurisdiction.

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