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Streby Forks 1904 county histories Streby, George. History of Forks Township and Forksville Boro. Including the early settlements together with biographical sketches and statistics and matters of general interest. Dushore, Pa.: Sullivan Gazette Print, 1904.

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Text About this time settlements were also being made in the vicinity of Eagles Mere and Elkland township, and began to assume an important place in the affairs of Lycoming county, and an effort was made in 1802 to organize a new township out of the northern portion of Muncy township. The boundaries called for in the petition embraced the entire territory included in Sullivan county, the lines extending some distance south and west of our boundary. The court granted the new township, and it took the name of Shrewsbury. For a short period therefore, our entire county was within Shrewsbury township. A little later Elkland township was struck off, and an effort was made to get better roads to the locations where settlements had been made.

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