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Stewart 1913 county histories Stewart, Joshua Thompson. Indiana County, Pennsylvania; her people, past and present, embracing a history of the county. Chicago, Ill.: J. H. Beers & Co., 1913.

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Text FORMATION OF TOWNSHIPS All that part of Westmoreland county north of the Conemaugh river, was called Wheatfield, and the first assesment was made in 1779. Armstrong was formed from Wheatfield in 1785; Banks from Canoe township in 1868; Blacklick from Armstrong township in 1807; Brushvalley from Wheatfield in 1835; Buffington from Pine township in 1867; Burrell from Blacklick township in 1853; Canoe from Montgomery township in 1847; Center from Armstrong in 1807; Cherryhill from Green and Brushvalley in 1834; Conemaugh from Armstrong in 1803; Grant from Montgomery in 1868; Green from Wheatfield in 1816. Mahoning was formed from that part of the county taken from Lycoming county in 1803. The first assessment is dated in 1807. East Mahoning was formed from Mahoning in 1846, West Mahoning from Mahoning in 1846, North Mahoning from Mahoning in 1846, and South Mahoning from Mahoning in 1846, Montgomery from Mahoning in 1834, Pine from Wheatfield in 1850; Rayne from Washington and Green in 1845; Washington from Armstrong in 1807; East Wheatfield from Wheatfield township in 1859; West Wheatfield from Wheatfield in 1859; White was formed from three miles around the borough of Indiana in 1843; Young from Blacklick and Conemaugh in 1830. It will thus be seen that from Wheatfield the sixteen townships south of the Purchase Line were formed. That part of Indiana county which lies north of Purchase Line was taken from Lycoming county, and in 1807 was called Mahoning. From Mahoning the eight townships north of the Purchase Line were formed.

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View New Township Green Township 1816 Creation yes* 1816
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View New Township Montgomery Township 1834 Creation yes* 1834
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View New Township White Township 1843 Creation yes* 1843
View New Township Rayne Township 1845 Creation yes* 1845
View New Township East Mahoning Township-North Mahoning Township-South Mahoning Township-West Mahoning Township 1846 Creation yes* Feb 6, 1846
View New Township Canoe Township 1847 Creation yes* 1847
View New Township Pine Township 1850 Creation yes* 1850
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