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Pa. Internal Affairs 1965 state agency reports Pennsylvania Department of Internal Affairs, Bureau of Municipal Affairs. Incorporation Dates for Pennsylvania Municipalities. [Harrisburg, Pa.], 1965.

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County Lycoming
Incorporated From
Incorporated [Day] 26
Incorporated [Day] [Alternate 1] 2
Incorporated [Day] [Alternate 2]
Incorporated [Footnotes] [1st] 1 Godcharles
Incorporated [Footnotes] [2nd]
Incorporated [Footnotes] [3rd]
Incorporated [Footnotes] [Alternate 1, 1st] 2 John F. Meginness, (ed.), History of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania (Chicago: Brown, Runk and Company, 1892).
Incorporated [Footnotes] [Alternate 1, 2nd] 3 Col. Thomas W. Lloyd, History of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, Vol. I (Indianapolis, Ind.: Historical Publishing Company, 1929).
Incorporated [Footnotes] [Alternate 2, 1st]
Incorporated [Month] Apr.
Incorporated [Month] [Alternate 1] Dec.
Incorporated [Month] [Alternate 2]
Incorporated [Year] 1858
Incorporated [Year] [Alternate 1] 1858
Incorporated [Year] [Alternate 2]
Name of Township Lycoming
Settled About 1773
Type/Class Second Class Townships

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View New Township Lycoming Township-Pine Creek Township 1785 Creation yes Aug 23, 1785
View New Township Old Lycoming Township 1858 Creation yes Dec 2, 1858