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Meginness 1895 county histories Meginness, John F. Lycoming County: its organization and condensed history for one hundred years. Williamsport, Pa.: Gazette and Bulletin Printing House, 1895.

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Government References Moreland
Text 10. Moreland Township lies in the south-eastern part of the county, and was formed out of territory taken from Muncy Creek in 1813. Several traditions are given to account for the name. One is that when the first explorer ascended to the crest of one of the highest hills he saw more land than he expected and in ecstasy exclaimed, ' More land;' another is that the early surveyors were so careless that the warrantee usually got 'more land' than he expected; and still another is that the earlier settlers first prospected in the region of Paradise, Northumberland County, but finding that they could get 'more land' for their money came here. These are mere speculative traditions. The word 'Moreland,' or 'Moorland,' used to be applied to a hilly country, and it may therefore be inferred that this is really what suggested the name to the applicants for a new township, as 'hilliness' is the striking feature of the whole of the extensive territory of which the then new district was composed. Moreland as it now stands is the nineteenth township in size and contains 13,120 acres. Population, 737.

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