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Meginness 1895 county histories Meginness, John F. Lycoming County: its organization and condensed history for one hundred years. Williamsport, Pa.: Gazette and Bulletin Printing House, 1895.

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Government References Cogan House
Text 26. Cogan House. This township was formed out of territory taken from Jackson and Mifflin townships December 6, 1843, and named for David Cogan, who settled on Larry's Creek about 1825, and built a log house. He tired of his lonely surroundings and abandoned his rude home about 1842. Afterwards the place came to be known by hunters and explorers as 'Cogan's House.' The township is the fifth in size and has an area of 39,360 acres. Population, 1,126.

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View New Township Cogan House Township 1843 Creation yes Dec 6, 1843