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Meginness 1895 county histories Meginness, John F. Lycoming County: its organization and condensed history for one hundred years. Williamsport, Pa.: Gazette and Bulletin Printing House, 1895.

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Government References Tioga
Text At November sessions, 1796, a division of Tioga was asked for, and commissioners were appointed. January 17, 1797, they reported in favor of dividing the township 'on the dividing line between Athens and Ulster [Connecticut surveys], then extending on an east and west line as the line of Ulster and Athens doth extend.' The report was approved. 'The north township,' says Craft, 'received the name of Athens, and the south Ulster, and thus the name Tioga, which had been given to the confluence of the two rivers, was lost to our [Bradford] county.'

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View New Township Athens Township-Ulster Township 1797 Creation yes+ 1797