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Meginness 1895 county histories Meginness, John F. Lycoming County: its organization and condensed history for one hundred years. Williamsport, Pa.: Gazette and Bulletin Printing House, 1895.

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Government References Colebrook
Text Colebrook Township (now in Clinton County) was organized in the fall of 1835. It was originally called Coal Brook, but has been corrupted into Colebrook. It included Farrandsville in its territory, then a thriving village in Lycoming County, which was interested in the coal business. Farrandsville is situated on Lick Run, but those engaged in mining coal wanted a name to advertise their business, hence they chose Coal Brook instead of Lick Run. In the spring of 1836 Samuel G. Allen was elected constable and filed his bond. He died in Jersey Shore in 1857.

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