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CHAPTER XVIII. Bell, H. C. 2 185


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Cushing 1889 county histories Cushing, Thomas, ed. History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania: including its early settlement and progress to the present time; a description of its historic and interesting localities; its cities, towns and villages; religious, educational, social and military history; mining, manufacturing and commercial interests; improvements, resources, statistics, etc.; also portraits of some of its prominent men, and biographies of many of its representative citizens. In two parts. Chicago, Ill.: A. Warner & Co., 1889.

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Text OHIO was the third township to be formed in Allegheny county north of the Ohio river, and the first subdivision of Pine township. Its erection was agitated in December, 1802, when a petition was filed in the court of quarter sessions, representing that Pine extended twenty-three miles along the Ohio and Allegheny rivers, adjoining Butler and Beaver counties. The line of Nicholson's and Douglass' districts was suggested as the line of division, the western portion to include Neville's island and be called Ohio township. Gen. John Neville signed this petition. At the June sessions, 1803, a division was petitioned for by the Jack's ferry and Franklin roads. At this time there were but forty-seven miles of road in the whole of Pine township. It was averred that if the eastern boundary of Nicholson's district were made the line of division, thirteen miles of road would be included in the portion east of that line, and thirty-four miles in the portion west of it; but if the Franklin road were made the dividing line, the eastern division would include twenty-seven miles of road and the western division twenty. It was thought that the roads should be apportioned as equally as possible, as their repair was imposed upon each township separately; but it was also urged that the roads were an advantage to the territory they traversed, and that consideration seems to have contributed but little to the final result. At the September term, 1803, the court confirmed absolutely a division by the line of Nicholson's and Douglass' districts, erecting the territory west of that line into Ohio township. It then included in addition to its present area the townships of Marshall, Franklin, Sewickley, Leet, Kilbuck and Aleppo.

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