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CHAPTER XV. Bell, H. C. 2 163


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Cushing 1889 county histories Cushing, Thomas, ed. History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania: including its early settlement and progress to the present time; a description of its historic and interesting localities; its cities, towns and villages; religious, educational, social and military history; mining, manufacturing and commercial interests; improvements, resources, statistics, etc.; also portraits of some of its prominent men, and biographies of many of its representative citizens. In two parts. Chicago, Ill.: A. Warner & Co., 1889.

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Text THE territory of Indiana, after being successively reduced by the erection of East Deer in 1836, Shaler in 1847 and Hampton in 1862, was divided into three separate townships in 1875, one of which received the name of Harmar from Harmar Denny. The commissioners in this case, J. B. Stilley, Jacob Coorde and Edward Saint, were appointed December 26, 1874; they reported under date of January 26, 1875; the election was held March 27, 1875, when three hundred and fourteen votes were cast in favor of division and one hundred and eighty-nine against, and the final decree of court was issued June 8, 1875.

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View Annexation Indiana Township-East Deer Township 1836 Annexation yes+ 1836
View New Township Marion Township 1847 Creation yes* Mar 20, 1847
View New Township Hampton Township 1861 Creation yes* Feb 18, 1861
View New Township Harmar Township-O'Hara Township 1875 Creation yes* Jun 8, 1875