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CHAPTER XIV. Bell, H. C. 2 154


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Cushing 1889 county histories Cushing, Thomas, ed. History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania: including its early settlement and progress to the present time; a description of its historic and interesting localities; its cities, towns and villages; religious, educational, social and military history; mining, manufacturing and commercial interests; improvements, resources, statistics, etc.; also portraits of some of its prominent men, and biographies of many of its representative citizens. In two parts. Chicago, Ill.: A. Warner & Co., 1889.

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Text INDIANA was the fourth township formed in the county north of the Ohio and Allegheny rivers. Its organization was preceded by that of Pine and Deer in 1796, and Ohio in 1803, all of which were originally included in Pitt township. At the June sessions, 1805, on petition of a number of citizens of Deer, praying for the formation of a new township from its territory to be described as follows: 'Beginning at the mouth of Pine creek, on Allegheny river, upon the line dividing Jones' district from Cunningham's district (which is also the division line between Deer and Pine townships), and extending along the line of Cunningham's district due north to the seven-mile tree in the said line, thence due east through Cunningham's district to Bull creek, thence down said creek to Allegheny river, thence down the Allegheny river to the place of beginning,' the court appointed as commissioners James Semple, Samuel Scott and James Robinson. December 26, 1805, their report, in which the bounds above described were recommended, was confirmed by the court, and the name of Indiana conferred upon the new district. The township was triangular in shape. The political significance of 'the line dividing Jones' district from Cunningham' s district' has been obliterated by the formation of Hampton and Shaler, of which the former derived one-half and the latter one-third of its area from Indiana. Its area had previously been curtailed by the erection of East Deer, when the present eastern boundary was established; and in 1875, by the formation of O'Hara and Harmar, the township was deprived of its former extended frontage upon the river. It is thus seen that as originally formed Indiana received fully one-half of the previous territory of Deer, and included within its limits, in addition to its present area, the whole of three townships and portions of an equal number of others.

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View New Township Beaver Township-Deer Township-Pine Township 1796 Creation yes+ Jun 1796
View New Township Ohio Township 1803 Creation yes+ Sep 1803
View New Township Indiana Township 1805 Creation yes+ Dec 26, 1805
View New Township Harmar Township-O'Hara Township 1875 Creation yes* Jun 8, 1875