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CHAPTER III. Bell, H. C. 2 30–31


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Cushing 1889 county histories Cushing, Thomas, ed. History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania: including its early settlement and progress to the present time; a description of its historic and interesting localities; its cities, towns and villages; religious, educational, social and military history; mining, manufacturing and commercial interests; improvements, resources, statistics, etc.; also portraits of some of its prominent men, and biographies of many of its representative citizens. In two parts. Chicago, Ill.: A. Warner & Co., 1889.

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Text AS originally formed in 1790, Fayette township extended from the county line to the Ohio river, and from Montour's run to Chartiers creek, and before the close of the century the formation of a new subdivision within these limits was seriously considered. In a petition presented at the March sessions, 1799, it is stated that Fayette comprised one hundred and twenty square miles, and nearly four hundred taxables. In view of the inconveniences occasioned by this, a division was asked by a line 'beginning at the mouth of Robinson's run, up the same to the mouth of Pinkerton's run, thence up the same to Mr. Patterson's meeting-house, thence by a direct line to strike Montour's run opposite the house of Joseph Scott, Esq.' The pronounced views of those who opposed this measure are thus expressed in a remonstrance filed March 26, 1801: The township of Fayette is a small township, being about twelve miles in length, including narrow points at each extreme, and about five miles in breadth. Yet a petition has been preferred . . . for a division, assigning the south fork and a small part of the main branch of Robinson's run for that purpose, the which petition, if obtained, will leave a tract of land for a township northwest of the said south fork which will not average more than four miles square; and the other township will measure about eight miles in length and average about three miles and a half in breadth. [It may be observed that there is considerable disparity in the respective dimensions given.] In the four miles square township there are two justices of the peace, to wit, George Vallandigham and Joseph Walker; in the extended township none. ... If any . . . inhabitants are dissatisfied with the usual place of holding township meetings, they can easily assemble and vote for the most convenient place; six miles' travel in the year is no great burthen to attend township meetings. A second remonstrance averred that there was no necessity for the change, 'unless to gratify a few ambitious characters who are eager for office.' Notwithstanding the strength of the opposition, the division was consummated in the erection of Robinson, presumably at the June sessions, 1801.

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