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Chapter XXIV. FOREST LAKE. 371


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Blackman 1873 county histories Blackman, Emily C. History of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. From a period preceding its settlement to recent times, including the annals and geography of each township. With maps and numerous illustrations. Also, a sketch of woman's work in the county for the United States Sanitary Commission, and a list of the soldiers of the National Army furnished by many of the townships. Philadelphia, Pa.: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1873.

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Text In 1801, Benjamin Babcock came, and was the original settler of what has since been known as the Brock farm. In the spring of 1832, while attending to his cattle, he was injured in the head by one of them, and died from the effects. He had been a Revolutionary soldier, and was eighty-two years old. During this year the township of Rush was erected. It included all the present township of Forest Lake, until the erection of Bridgewater.

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