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Chapter XV. RUSH. 211–212


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Blackman 1873 county histories Blackman, Emily C. History of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. From a period preceding its settlement to recent times, including the annals and geography of each township. With maps and numerous illustrations. Also, a sketch of woman's work in the county for the United States Sanitary Commission, and a list of the soldiers of the National Army furnished by many of the townships. Philadelphia, Pa.: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1873.

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Text Rush is the fifth of those townships of old Luzerne of which the area was comprised wholly, or in part, of territory afterwards set off to Susquehanna County. 1801. — At January sessions of the court of Luzerne County, a petition was presented for the erection of a new township to be called Rush, its boundaries to extend 'From the fortieth to the twenty- seventh milestone on the State line — the northwest corner of old Lawsville — thence south eighteen miles, thence west eighteen miles to a corner in the line north of old Wyalusing Township, south of Wysox, to a point due east from Standing Stone, thence north five miles to a corner, thence east five miles, thence to the place of beginning.' The report of viewers appointed at that time was made in the following November. Though it was accepted, it is evident, from the bounds of the township as always afterwards recognized, that an error occurred in their statement of the limits of the northern line — 'To begin at the forty-first milestone and extend thirteen miles to the twenty-eighth milestone' — thus failing to reach Lawsville by one mile. [The milestones were numbered from the Delaware River westward.] Also, upon the erection of Susquehanna County, its west line extended south from the fortieth milestone, and from all that can now be ascertained, the west line of Rush was the county line for thirteen miles; five miles square remained in Bradford (then Ontario) County. Practically, the township extended east to the line of old Nicholson; and south, at least, to the line of Susquehanna County, as afterwards run. A portion of Braintrim (now Auburn) may be excepted; but the taxables of Rush, 2 for the year 1801, included residents of Springville and Brooklyn, or those who, without change of locality, were afterwards included in the latter townships. Rush was then the ninth of ten districts for justices in Luzerne; and, apparently, also for elections; the tenth included Nicholson, Lawsville, and Willingborough. Isaac Hancock was justice for the former district, and Asa Eddy, Thomas Tiffany, and John Marcy were justices for the latter. Nicholson, as well as Rush, extended beyond the line of our county, and Justices Hancock and Marcy were never its residents. Upon the erection of Bridgewater, November, 1806, Rush received definite limits; being left eight miles on the State line, by eighteen miles north and south.

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