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Allegheny Hist. Form. county publications Allegheny County (Pa.) Department of Public Works. Allegheny County Pennsylvania History of Formations & Subdivision. Pittsburgh, Pa.: Allegheny County (Pa.) Department of Public Works, 1920s?.

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Government References SHRADEN
Text Erected from a part of Chartiers Township, by the Court of Quarter Sessions April 27th, 1894, at No. 34 September Sessions, 1893 -Miscellaneous Docket 11, page 227. Petition, Plan, etc., recorded May 8th, 1894, in Charter Book 21, pages 20, etc., Recorder's Office). Divided into three (3) Wards by the Court of Quarter Sessions, December 27th, 1904, at No. 1 March Sessions, 1903 -Miscellaneous Docket 16, page 440. Merged in the City of pittsburgh by the Court of Quarter SEssions, December 31st, 1906, at No. 40 June Sessions, 1906 Miscellaneous Docket 18, page 80, and was made the original 43rd ward of said city by Decree of said Court December 21st, 1907, at No. 11 December Sessions, 1907 -Miscellaneous Docket 18, page 396. Now part of the 20th Ward.

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View New Borough Sheraden Borough 1894 Creation yes May 8, 1894
View Dissolution Sheraden Borough-Pittsburgh City 1907 Merger yes Nov 21, 1907