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Allegheny Hist. Form. county publications Allegheny County (Pa.) Department of Public Works. Allegheny County Pennsylvania History of Formations & Subdivision. Pittsburgh, Pa.: Allegheny County (Pa.) Department of Public Works, 1920s?.

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Government References SEWICKLEY
Text Erected from the Town or Village of Sewickleyville, a part of Ohio Township, by the Court of Quarter Sessions, July 6th, 1853, at No. 6 March Sessions, 1853 -Road Docket 4, page 514. (Petition, plan, etc., recorded July 12th, 1853, in Deed Book 108, page 122 -Also see plan recorded January 15th, 1879, in Plan Book 6, page 168, Recorder's Office). Divided into two (2) Wards by the court of Quarter Sessions, March 7th, 1891, at No. 36 September Sessions, 1890 Miscellaneous Docket 10, page 320. Petition for the annexation of lands of George Gibson, C. A. Emmett and M.E. Winters, situate in Sewickley Heights Township, to the Borough of Sewickley, for School purposes, filed in the Court of Quarter Sessions, July l0th, 1906, at No. 55 June Sessions, 1906 -Miscellaneous Docket 18, page 90. (Refused). First (1st) ward divided and third (3rd) ward erected therefrom, by the court of Quarter Sessions, October lOth, 1912, at No. 10 May Sessions, 1912 -Miscellaneous Docket 20, page 307. Parts of Sewickley Heights and Aleppo Townships, annexed and made part of the First Ward by ordinance No. 484, approved December 11th, 1919. certified copy of Ordinance, plan, etc., filed in the Court of Quarter Sessions, December 27th, 1919, at No. 22 December Sessions, 1919, Miscellaneous Docket 23, page 169.

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View New Borough Sewickley Borough 1853 Creation yes Jul 12, 1853
View Plat Recording Sewickley Borough 1879 Plat Recording yes* 1879
View School District Annexation Sewickley Heights Township-Sewickley Borough Proposed 1906 School District Annexation no 1906–1907
View Annexation Sewickley Borough Ordinance 484 yes* Dec 27, 1919