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Africa 1883 county histories Africa, J. Simpson. History of Huntingdon and Blair Counties, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Pa.: Louis H. Everts, 1883.

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Text It was a part of Bedford County until the spring of 1840, when by the formation of Blair County it became part of the latter organization. In the fall of 1846, in response to the petition of many inhabitants, praying for the division of Greenfield township and the erection of a new one, viewers were appointed by the Court of Quarter Sessions to investigate, make report, etc. Hence, at a Court of Quarter Sessions of the peace in and for the county of Blair, convened at Hollidaysburg on the fourth Monday and 22d day of March, A.D. 1847, before the Hon. Jeremiah S. Black, president, and George R. McFarlane, Esq., associate judge of said court, the report of Cornelius McConnell and Samuel S. Barr, two of the viewers appointed by an order of the court at the October sessions, 1846, to divide Greenfield township, was read as follows: 'We, the undersigned, being duly sworn, have taken a view of the said township of Greenfield, and are of the opinton that a division of it is absolutely necessary for the convenience of the citizens thereof; and in conformity with their requests, began at the road leading from Newry to Johnstown, where it crosses the Cambria County line on the summit of the Allegheny Mountain, and ran south seventy-nine degrees east; at four hundred perches crossed Spruce Bun, leaving Henry Long to the right and Josiah Corl to the left, about thirty perches each; at four hundred and sixty perches crossed Bobb's Creek, about forty perches south of Simon Deal's saw-mill; at twelve hundred and eighty perches, summit of Blue Knob; at sixteen hundred and twenty perches crossed road northeast of the Widow Maguire's old mansion-house; at two thousand and seven hundred and thirty-eight perches cornered on a white-oak near George Lingenfelter's; thence north eighty-five degrees east; at eight-five perches a white oak on the road leading from Hollidaysburg to Bedford, in all two hundred and sixty-five perches to a pine on the summit of Dunning's Mountain; and thence four hundred and eighty perches to the line originally dividing Bedford and Huntingdon Counties, to McKee's Gap. 'Given under our hands this 26th day of December, A.D. 1846. 'C. MCCONNELL. 'SAMUEL S. BARR.' 'Report of viewers confirmed March 27, 1847, and the new township erected to be comprised ot that portion marked on the plan \"North Greenfield,\" to be called Juniata, and that portion marked \"South Greenfield\" to retain the name of Geenfield. 'By the Court.'

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