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As of/Through Jan 1, 2013 Retrieved Mar 25, 2018


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2000s Geographic Change Notes census reports U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Geography Division, Geographic Standards and Criteria Branch. Geographic Change Notes for United States (Current as of January 1, 2013). Accessed 25 March 2018. 1 January 2013.

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Government References Upper Saucon township (Lehigh-077)
Code 79288
Date Submitted 07/19/2002
Description of Change Gained territory from Salisbury township (67576).
Effective Date 06/04/2002
Effective_Day 04
Effective_Month 06
Effective_Year 2002
Source of Change Boundary and Annexation Survey
State 42
Type of Change Boundary Change

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View Boundary Realignment Salisbury Township-Upper Saucon Township 2000s Boundary Realignment unknown~ 2002–2009