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Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
Waynesboro Borough Ordinance 184: After whole after ordinance iron pin on the south side of the Old Mill Road and the west side of the State Road


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Courses and Distances

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Point Thence Course Distance To
1 along the said Old Mill Road N 78° W 2086.8 ft. iron pin
2 by same S 87.5° W 632.5 ft. iron pin
3 by same S 64.4166666666667° W 408.5 ft. iron pin
4 by same S 53.9166666666667° W 559 ft. iron gate post of Green Hill Cemetery
5 along the west side of Public Road and lands of Jacob Lesher N 52° W 2766 ft. stake
6 along the land of Michael Kriner N 4.33333333333333° W 4957.6 ft. stake on the east bank of the West Branch of the Antietam Creek
7 along said creek N 22.1166666666667° E 729.4 ft. point on bridge
8 N 47.0833333333333° E 1009 ft. stake on the east side of the Public Road leading to Price's Church
9 along the lands of Mrs. J. J. Miller and Jacob Hess S 88.25° E 1018 ft. stake
10 along a Public Road bounded on the west by Jacob Hess and George Foltz heirs and on the east by Frick Company's land N 23.8333333333333° E 1125 ft. stake
11 along the land of the said Frick Company N 44.25° E 575 ft. stone
12 along the lands of Frick Company, Harvey Funk's heirs, B. F. Funk, Misses Brown and Daniel Lesher S 64.25° E 5800 ft. stake
13 along the land known as Lesher's Woods S 43.5833333333333° E 1038 ft. large Rock Oak
14 along the lands of John Reichard and U. G. Schaller S 21.9166666666667° E 2239 ft. stake on the east side of Public Road
15 along the east side of said public road S 30.75° W 1135.7 ft. stake on the south side of East Main Street, extended
16 along the lands of Dr. Strickler's heirs, Christian Good and A. B. Landis S 43.5833333333333° W 3756 ft. stake
17 along the lands of the aforesaid A. B. Landis N 77.6666666666667° W 537 ft. place of beginning

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Detail Type Description Successful? Date
View Annexation Waynesboro Borough Ordinance 184 yes Mar 24, 1915