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Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
Ulster Borough Proposed 1947 Creation shape petition (docket) point in the center of the west abutment of the Ulster bridge at the water edge

Courses and Distances

Note: This is an abstract, and not a transcription, of the description, which has been made to facilitate mapping that is not of surveying or engineering quality. Courses and distances have been converted to decimal degrees and feet, respectively, and some corrections may have been made. Users are cautioned to examine the original description.

Point Thence Course Distance To
1 southerly along the west side of the Susquehanna River, by its various courses S iron pin
2 N 83.25° W 4423 ft. iron pin
3 N 8.25° E 2690 ft. intersection of the State Highway leading from Ulster to East Smithfield and the Township Road leading to Saco
4 N 48.25° E 4604 ft. center of the State Highway Route 220 leading from Ulster to Athens
5 S 63.25° E 630 ft. low water mark on the wet side of said Susquehanna River
6 southerly along the west side of said Susquehanna River, its various courses S 3200 ft. place of beginning

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