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Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
Stroud Township-Stroudsburg Borough 1890 Annexation shape petition (recorded) line of the Estate of Robert Brown, deceased, on the south shore of the old channel of McMichael's Creek


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Courses and Distances

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Point Thence Course Distance To
1 along the south or right side of said channel and waters of Wallace's ? S 48° E 140.25 ft.
2 S 33° E 99 ft.
3 S 15° E 325.875 ft.
4 N 48.5° E 252.45 ft.
5 N 81° E 412.5 ft. line of the Borough of East Stroudsburg on the east or left bank of Analomink (or Brodhead's) Creek
6 down the left bank of said creek by said Borough of East Stroudsburg, the following five courses and distances S 17° E 379.5 ft. post
7 [2] S 1° E 759 ft. post
8 [3] S 47° E 321.75 ft. post
9 [4] S 58.5° E 189.75 ft. post, opposite the residence of Catherine Staples
10 [5] S 77° E 379.5 ft. mouth of a Spring Run
11 crossing said creek and by Stroud Township and through the land of the Estate of Luke Staples, deceased S 12° E 1872.75 ft. stone on the line between the lands of the said Luke Staples, deceased, and lands of Frederick Phillips and along the northern line of the Foxtown School Lot
12 crossing the public road leading to the Delaware Water Gap S 76° W 1155 ft.
13 by land of Lydian Ann Palmer (wife of W. E. B. Palmer) and land late of George H. Miller S 75.5° W 849.75 ft. rock on the west side of a spring
14 S 77.5° W 1072.5 ft.
15 through said Robeson's land and crossing the public road from Stroudsburg to Bangor and also crossing the road to the "Chickery" N 12.5° W 2821.5 ft. south side of McMichael's Creek (8 perches to said public road and about 92 perches to said road to The "Chickery")
16 down said McMichael's Creek and the old channel on the south side of both (being the southern boundary of the Borough of Stroudsburg) place of beginning

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View Annexation Stroud Township-Stroudsburg Borough 1890 Annexation yes Mar 24, 1890