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Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
Somerset Borough Ordinance 958 shape ordinance (docket) 92.19 iron pin, an existing Borough corner and common to Somerset Area Schools and Maple Ridge Shopping Plaza, Inc.


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Courses and Distances

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Point Thence Course Distance To
1 along land of Maple Ridge Shopping Plaza, Inc. N 78.066666666667° E 713.97 ft. iron pin
2 by land of Somerset Co. Community Swimming Pool and Park Association S 16.5° E 724.45 ft. point
3 by same N 72.266666666667° E 457.7 ft. iron pin on the west side of Somerset Township road #478
4 along the west side of said Township road the following courses and distances S 1.4° W 257 ft.
5 S 15.75° W 247.5 ft.
6 S 4.25° E 297 ft.
7 S 34.45° E 425.54 ft.
8 S 11.1° W 69.03 ft. iron pin at corner of Gibbs Stadium
9 along Gibbs Stadium S 75.416666666667° W 795.4 ft. point
10 by same S 14.583333333333° E 370 ft. point
11 S 75.416666666667° W 140 ft. post
12 along land of Robert Rhodes N 13.45° W 249.33 ft. iron pin
13 by same N 30.45° W 125.59 ft. iron pin
14 by same S 89.95° W 1089 ft. iron pin
15 N 86.333333333333° W 9 ft. point
16 by land of Earl Shaffer S 77.45° W 317.18 ft. iron pin
17 along Shaffer and Maple Ridge Heights Plan of lots N 12.5° W 722.95 ft. point
18 N 75.866666666667° E 30 ft. point
19 by lot of Ronald Naponic N 12.5° W 300.4 ft. point
20 by same and lot of Clarence Pile N 75.866666666667° E 120 ft. iron pin
21 by Pile and lot #18 N 12.5° W 279.5 ft. point
22 by Pile and Lot no. 19 S 75.95° W 150 ft. iron pin
23 N 12.5° W 33.65 ft. iron pin
24 N 0.65° W 340 ft. iron pin
25 along land of Allegheny Lutheran Home N 77.5° E 471.2 ft. post
26 by same N 16.366666666667° W 50.15 ft.
27 by Somerset Area School property N 78.1° E 670 ft. beginning

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View Annexation Somerset Borough Ordinance 958 yes* Dec 12, 1968