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Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
Manheim Borough 1838 Creation shape act post on the bank of Samuel Lehman's tail race


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Courses and Distances

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Point Thence Course Distance To
1 along said race S 31° E 396 ft. locust tree on Bealer's land
2 S 4° W end of said race where the same empties into Chiques creek
3 down said creek the several meanderings thereof 2508 ft. post near said creek
4 by land of Daniel Well N 29° W 475.2 ft. post
5 by land of Henry Hershey N 8° W 396 ft. hickory
6 by the same N 24° W 2273.7 ft. High street
7 along said street N 63° E 320.1 ft. out lot of Jonas White
8 by land of Jacob Shoemaker N 38° W 759 ft. post
9 by land of John Lehman N 53° E 346.5 ft. post
10 by the same N 38° W 1122 ft. public road leading from Manheim to Elizabethtown
11 along said road N 53° E 2590.5 ft. post at Daniel Brand's land
12 by the same S 38° E 402.6 ft. post on Long alley
13 by lands of said Daniel Brandt N 53° E 886.05 ft. post and corner of lot of John Bealer
14 S 36° E 231 ft. post near the bank of Hostetter's mill race
15 S 11.5° E 561 ft. post on lot of Henry Eby
16 along division line of out lots and said race S 34° E 924 ft. corner of S. Deyer's out-lot
17 along lots of said Deyer S 53° W 429 ft. Long alley
18 along said alley S 38° E 742.5 ft. post and corner of Miller's lot
19 S 24° W 561 ft. post near the bank of Hostetter's tail race
20 South, along the bank of said race and crossing Lehman's tail race S 1e-13° E 973.5 ft. place of beginning

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View New Borough Manheim Borough 1838 Creation yes May 8, 1838