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Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
Herndon Borough 1902 Creation shape decree (docket) pine near the north-west corner of Herndon Cemetery

Courses and Distances

Note: This is an abstract, and not a transcription, of the description, which has been made to facilitate mapping that is not of surveying or engineering quality. Courses and distances have been converted to decimal degrees and feet, respectively, and some corrections may have been made. Users are cautioned to examine the original description.

Point Thence Course Distance To
1 by said cemetery, land of Peter M. Ziegler and Adam Leader S 12.5° W 3168 ft. apple tree on land of Peter Bubb
2 by land of said Peter Buff Robert Reiger and others S 49° W 3630 ft. centre of Dry Valley Creek
3 in a west[erly] direction along the course of said creek N 60° W 825 ft. point at low water mark on the Susquehanna River
4 across said river over the extreme point of "White Island" S 86° W 4653 ft. point on the western shore of said river at low water mark on the line between Northumberland and Snyder Counties
5 along the low water line of said river in a Northerly direction along the course and general trend of said river N 9933 ft. point at low water mark of said river
6 across said river S 86° E 2574 ft. point at the extreme head of "White's Island"
7 across the balance of said river a diagonal course S 24.5° E 3069 ft. point on the east shore of said river on land of John Alber[t]
8 by land of John Albert and across the Northern Autial Rail Road and the Philadelphia and Reading Rail Road and land of Eugene Gerfing S 72.25° E 1270.5 ft. fence post on the east side of public road or main street, on land of Eugene Gerfing
9 by land of the said Eugene Gerfing S 13.5° E 1287 ft. pine tree, the place of beginning

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View New Borough Herndon Borough 1902 Creation yes Jun 30, 1902