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Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
Grove City Borough Ordinance 874: Before Exceptions shape bounding ordinance 5 stone marker at the corner of land formerly of James R. Gregg and David Gregg at the Southwest corner of the land herein conveyed


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Courses and Distances

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Point Thence Course Distance To
1 by land previously sold by James R. Gregg to George B. Taylor on March 20, 1917 in Deed Book T, Volume 10, Page 339 N 24.4666666666667° E 18.5 ft.
2 by same N 25.15° E 208 ft.
3 by same N 29.7333333333333° E 282.7 ft.
4 N 36.1833333333333° E 336 ft.
5 by land of Bashline and Rossman S 87.5° E 101.9 ft. west side of a 12 foot public alley as shown on the West View Improvement Company Plan of Lots as recorded in Plan Book I, Page 84, and running along the west side of said plan of lots
6 West side of said 12 foot alley (which 12 foot alley was conveyed by James R. Gregg and others to M. H. McCoy) S 4.88333333333333° W 753.59 ft. land now or formerly of Gertrude Gregg
7 by land of said Gertrude Gregg N 86.3° W 473 ft. place of beginning

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Detail Type Description Successful? Date
View Annexation Grove City Borough Ordinance 874 yes Jan 14, 1969