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Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
Ephrata Borough Ordinance 901 shape ordinance 22.45 southwest corner thereof, being corner No. 214 of the present Borough boundary situate at the intersection of the center line of the Cocalico Creek with the right-of-way line on the eastern side of Highway Route No. 222


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Courses and Distances

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Point Thence Course Distance To
1 along said right-of-way line N 6.31666666666667° E 398.7 ft. Borough corner No. 213
2 continuing along said right-of-way line, along the arc of a curve [...] and a chord bearing and distance N 0.966666666666667° W 262.04 ft. Borough corner No. 420
3 on the property line between land of Wi1liam Rook on the left and June Haller on the right S 64.5722222222222° E 424.55 ft. Borough corner No. 419 in Old Mill Road
4 along in Old Mill Road N 25.6777777777778° E 450 ft. Borough corner No. 418
5 S 64.85° E 14.73 ft. Borough corner No. 320 on the curb line on the southeast side of Old Mill Road
6 along said curb line N 25.7916666666667° E 270.06 ft. Borough corner No. 13
7 leaving Old Mill Road and along a property of the Ephrata Union School District on the left S 62.4083333333333° E 518 ft. Borough corner No. 12
8 continuing by land of the said school S 24.1583333333333° E 87.66 ft. Borough corner No. 11 in the Cocalico Creek
9 down stream in said creek, the following eight courses and distances [1] S 71.825° W 148.72 ft. Borough corner No. 10
10 [2] S 23.8416666666667° W 325.92 ft. Borough corner No. 9
11 [3] S 3.725° W 285.37 ft. Borough corner No. 8
12 [4] S 12.1583333333333° E 243.29 ft. Borough corner No. 7
13 [5] S 35.475° W 170 ft. Borough corner No. 6
14 [6] S 21.45° W 143 ft. Borough corner No. 197
15 [7] S 69.45° W 134 ft. Borough corner No. 196
16 [8] N 54.4666666666667° W 325.2 ft. Borough corner No. 195; being a spike in the center of a concrete bridge where Old Mill Road crosses the Cocalico Creek
17 continuing down stream in the Cocalico Creek N 66.8° W 502.94 ft. place of BEGINNING

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View Annexation Ephrata Borough Ordinance 901 yes May 10, 1968