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Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
Conemaugh Borough 1831 Creation shape act north corner of Franklin and Washington street

Courses and Distances

Note: This is an abstract, and not a transcription, of the description, which has been made to facilitate mapping that is not of surveying or engineering quality. Courses and distances have been converted to decimal degrees and feet, respectively, and some corrections may have been made. Users are cautioned to examine the original description.

Point Thence Course Distance To
1 along the north side of Washington street N 62° W 1155 ft. north corner of Walnut street
2 N 79° W 610.5 ft. Union street
3 N 50° W 379.5 ft. north corner of Conemaugh street
4 S 28° W 792 ft. Stoney creek street
5 along the south side of Stoney creek street S 16° E 1287 ft. Chestnut street
6 S 22° E 264 ft.
7 S 38° E 181.5 ft.
8 N 72° E 198 ft. Market street
9 N 72° E 940.5 ft. south corner of Franklin street
10 S 60° E 990 ft. Bedford road
11 N 67° E 742.5 ft. east side of Main street
12 N 62° W 363 ft. Feeder alley
13 N 28° E 759 ft. north side of Basin street
14 N 72° W 1122 ft. Franklin street, the place of beginning

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Detail Type Description Successful? Date
View New Borough Conemaugh Borough 1831 Creation yes Jan 12, 1831