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Chartiers Township-Pittsburgh City 1921 Merger: Tract 1 (exception) shape exception ordinance (municipal minutes) Excepting and reserving therefrom all that part of the aforementioned described portion of said Chartiers Township, known as the Pleasant Hill Plan of Lots recorded in the Recorder's Office of Allegheny County in Plan Book Volume 26, page 109, which said portion is located upon the Middletown road and comprises lots numbers 1 to 115, both numbers inclusive and a southerly part of Middletown road and the easterly part of Ashtola way, all of which property so excepted is more accurately set out in said plan of lots, reference to which is herein made


Note: This map shows the approximate area of the description, and is not of surveying or engineering quality. Users are cautioned to examine the original description.

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View Dissolution Chartiers Township-Pittsburgh City 1921 Merger yes Jan 3, 1921