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Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
Carrick Borough Ordinance 269 shape ordinance (digest) point on the west Borough Line at the south line of Horning Avenue, said point being also the southwest corner of the Valley View Plan of Lots, situate in the Borough of Carrick


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Courses and Distances

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Point Thence Course Distance To
1 along the southerly line of John F. Horning's property extended to Saw Mill Run N 84.15° W 2255.5 ft. middle of Saw Mill Run
2 by the following courses and distances along the middle of Saw Mill Run N 45.5° W 144.46 ft.
3 N 20.625° W 223.44 ft.
4 N 32.0583333333333° E 241.95 ft.
5 N 11.7916666666667° E 311.35 ft.
6 N 33.925° E 244.06 ft.
7 N 7.275° W 341.5 ft.
8 N 15.15° W 329.7 ft.
9 N 48.1833333333333° W 333.7 ft.
10 N 31.1666666666667° W 380 ft.
11 N 21.6833333333333° W 317.4 ft.
12 N 7.15° E 340.6 ft.
13 N 4.06666666666667° W 481.6 ft.
14 N 9.69166666666667° E 239.4 ft.
15 leaving the Run N 3.58333333333333° W 187.93 ft. point, said point being the intersection of the southerly line of Midwood Avenue and the westerly line of Shannon Avenue, as laid out in Arthur Lyman's plan of "Oakleigh," recorded in Recorder's Office of Allegheny County, Pa., in plan book, volume 24, pages 148 and 149
16 by the following courses and distances, (being a variation of two degrees twenty-one minutes east from the bearing in the Oakleigh Plan) N 13.55° W 146.89 ft.
17 N 7.86666666666667° W 169.83 ft.
18 N 3.01666666666667° W 217.27 ft.
19 N 8.61666666666667° E 346.27 ft.
20 N 23.95° E 167.53 ft.
21 N 6.86666666666667° E 143.26 ft.
22 N 4.5° E 109.51 ft. point in Saw Mill Run on the Carrick Borough line, said point being south five degrees forty-one minutes west (S. 5 degrees 41 minutes W.) thirty-five feet (35 feet) from the middle of the wagon-bridge across said Saw Mill Run
23 by the following courses and distances along the Borough Line of Carrick S 73.8166666666667° E
24 along Saw Mill S 7.56666666666667° E 153.82 ft.
25 leaving Saw Mill Run S 44.8166666666667° E 641 ft.
26 S 84.3° E 1215.2 ft. west sixteen and one-half foot line of Park Way
27 along Park Way S 27.85° E 155.48 ft.
28 S 16.375° E 831.16 ft.
29 S 38.8416666666667° E 214 ft.
30 S 89.825° E 50 ft. east line of Alvine Street extended
31 S 19.0083333333333° E 305.82 ft.
32 S 70.4916666666667° W 321.2 ft. west line of Spokane Avenue
33 S 19.0083333333333° E 749.5 ft. north line of S[?]nton Avenue
34 S 10.4083333333333° E 1448.96 ft. center line of Maine Street and the west line of the Valley View Plan of Lots extended
35 along the west line of Valley View Plan of Lots S 4.66666666666667° E 949.74 ft. south line of Horning Avenue at the place of beginning

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