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Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
Cambria County-Clearfield County-Jefferson County-McKean County-Potter County-Tioga County 1804 Creation: Cambria shape act Conemaugh river, at the south-east corner of Indiana county

Courses and Distances

Note: This is an abstract, and not a transcription, of the description, which has been made to facilitate mapping that is not of surveying or engineering quality. Courses and distances have been converted to decimal degrees and feet, respectively, and some corrections may have been made. Users are cautioned to examine the original description.

Point Thence Course Distance To
1 straight line canoe place on the west branch of Susquehanna
2 easterly along the line of Clearfield county E south-wvesterly corner of Centre county, on the heads of Mushanon creek
3 southerly along the Allegheny mountain S Somerset and Bedford county lines
4 along the line of Somerset and Bedford counties about seventeen miles 89760 ft. until a due west course from thence will strike the main branch of Paint creek
5 down said creek the different courses thereof till it empties into Stony creek
6 down Stony creek the different courses mouth of Mill creek
7 due west line W till it intersects the line of Somerset and Westmoreland counties
8 northerly along the said line N place of beginning

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View New County Cambria County-Clearfield County-Jefferson County-McKean County-Potter County-Tioga County 1804 Creation yes+ Mar 26, 1804