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Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
Blairsville Borough Ordinance 296 shape ordinance point where the present Borough Line intersects the old William Penn Highway (formerly U.S. Route 22) which is an extension of East Market Street, said point being situate North 88° 06' East 240 feet frm the intersection of the easterly line of Grandview Avenue with the southerly line of Brown Street


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Point Thence Course Distance To
1 with the present borough line N 75.35° E 164.07 ft. point in or near the center line of the above mentioned highway
2 leaving said highway and by line of lands of R. C. Forsha S 1.9° E 209.72 ft. point
3 still by said lands of R. C. Forsha, being the northerly line of a proposed alley, presently unopened, the following two courses and distances S 78.575° W 40.69 ft.
4 S 88.1° W 120 ft. point on line of lands now owned by the Borough of Blairsville
5 by line of said lands of the Borough of Blairsville and lot of Kenneth Elrick, said line being the present Borough line N 1.9° W 150 ft. point and place of beginning. Said plot comprises Lots Nos. 62, 63, 64 and 65 in the Wilkinson Plan of Lots known as "Ridgeview" recorded in the Recorder's Office of Indiana County in Plan Book Vol. 2, page 38.

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View Annexation Blairsville Borough Ordinance 296 yes Nov 7, 1956