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Act of June 9, 1931 (Pa. Laws 386, No. 145), §§ 4 [301]–4 [303] To amend sections two hundred sixteen, two hundred seventeen, two hundred eighteen, three hundred one, three hundred two, three hundred three, to add section three hundred four, to amend paragraph four of section one thousand six, sections one thousand twenty-six, one thousand thirty-five, one thousand thirty-seven, one thousand thirty-eight, one thousand thirty-nine, one thousand one hundred five, clauses twenty-six, fifty-three and fifty-four of section on thousand two hundred two, sections one thousand three hundred one, one thousand three hundred eight, one thousand six hundred five, one thousand six hundred ten, one thousand six hundred eleven, one thousand six hundred twelve, one thousand six hundred thirteen, one thousand six hundred fourteen, one thousand six hundred fifteen, one thousand seven hundred forty-five, to add sections two thousand one hundred seventy-four and two thousand one hundred seventy five, two thousand four hundred ninety, two thousand four hundred ninety-one, two thousand four-hundred ninety-two, to amend sections two thousand two hundred one, two thousand two hundred four, two thousand five hundred one, and two thousand nine hundred ten, and to repeal section two thousand nine hundred eleven, of the act, approved the fourth day of May, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven (Pamphlet Laws, five hundred nineteen), entitled "An act concerning boroughs; and revising, amending, and consolidating the law relating to boroughs," by further regulating the consolidating of boroughs; providing that in annulment proceedings territory formerly included in the borough may be created a new township; providing for the change of corporate names of boroughs; fixing the costs to be charged by burgesses; regulating surcharges against borough officers, and reports of auditors and appeals therefrom; further regulating the bonds and duties of borough treasurers, and the manner in which payments shall be made out of the funds in the treasury; authorizing the fixing of the time of opening and closing certain exhibitions; forbidding borough officers and employes to be interested in certain contracts, and prescribing penalties; providing for bonds to protect labor and material-men on public works contracts; reducing time for allowance of tax reductions and changing penalties; eliminating the necessity of appointing viewers in certain proceedings; further regulating the opening and vacation of roads, streets and alleys, and assessment of damages therefor; authorizing adjoining boroughs to construct and maintain passageways; authorizing boroughs to construct sewers on boundary streets and assess the costs thereof, to erect retaining walls and to condemn property and assess benefits for such purposes; providing for appropriation of lands for airports; and empowering boroughs to regulate and license transient retail business 389


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Pa. Laws (1827-) session laws Pennsylvania. Laws of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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View Act of May 4, 1927 (Pa. Laws 519, No. 336), §§ 301–303 Amends

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