Government Detail


Name Level Type/Class Home Rule?
Juniata, County of county County (Class: 7) no


Census Creation Date Created Boundary Alteration Count Dissolved
Sep 1, 1831 0



Name Relationship Status
Pennsylvania, Commonwealth of Parent current
Beale, Township of Child current
Delaware, Township of (Juniata) Child current
East Waterford, Borough of (unknown) Child most recent
Fayette, Township of (Juniata) Child current
Fermanagh, Township of Child current
Greenwood, Township of (Juniata) Child current
Lac, Township of (alternate) Child variant
Lack, Township of Child current
Mifflin, Borough of Child current
Mifflintown, Borough of Child current
Milford, Township of (Juniata) Child current
Monroe, Township of (Juniata) Child current
Patterson, Borough of (defunct) Child most recent
Perrysville, Borough of (defunct) Child most recent
Port Royal, Borough of Child current
Spruce Hill, Township of Child current
Susquehanna, Township of (Juniata) Child current
Thompsontown, Borough of Child current
Tompsonville, Borough of (alternate) Child variant
Turbett, Township of Child current
Tuscarora, Township of (Juniata) Child current
Walker, Township of (Juniata) Child current


Detail Type Source Identifier Relationship Web Link
View census US Census Bureau FIPS: County 42067 Lead
View geologic USGS GNIS: Civil 1209180 Lead View
View other Wikidata Q501270 Lead View
View state Pennsylvania DCED: County 34 Lead

Affected Government

Detail How Affected Adverse Government How Adverse Affected Date
View Creation Mifflin, County of Reduction Sep 1, 1831
View Swap Perry, County of Swap 1834–1835
View Swap Mifflin, County of Swap 1844
View Swap Union, County of Swap 1844
View Swap Perry, County of Swap 1860

Affected Government Form

Detail Government Form Date
View County Sep 1, 1831
View County, 8th Class Jul 10, 1919
View County, 7th Class Jan 1, 1992

Other Successful Event Links

Detail Type Description Successful? Date
View New Borough Mifflintown Borough 1833 Creation yes Mar 15, 1833
View New Township Fayette Township 1834 Creation yes* Dec 4, 1834
View Annexation Fermanagh Township-Mifflintown Borough 1836 Annexation yes* 1836
View New Township Delaware Township 1836 Creation yes* Feb 3, 1836
View New Township Beale Township 1843 Creation yes* Feb 8, 1843
View New Borough Perrysville Borough 1843 Creation yes Apr 21, 1843
View Annexation Perrysville Borough-Milford Township 1848 Annexation yes Mar 27, 1848
View Annexation Milford Township-Beale Township 1853 Annexation yes Mar 15, 1853
View New Borough Patterson Borough 1853 Creation yes May 3, 1853
View School District Annexation Mifflintown Borough 1854 School District Annexation yes* 1854
View New Township Monroe Township-Susquehanna Township 1858 Creation yes* Jul 24, 1858
View New Township Spruce Hill Township 1858 Creation yes* Sep 10, 1858
View Annexation Milford Township-Beale Township 1859 Annexation yes Apr 11, 1859
View Annexation Fermanagh Township-Mifflintown Borough 1868 Annexation yes* 1868
View New Borough Thompsontown Borough 1868 Creation yes Feb 7, 1868
View General Law Mifflintown Borough 1869 General Law yes Dec 10, 1869
View New Name Port Royal Borough 1874 Creation yes Apr 28, 1874
View General Law Patterson Borough 1876 General Law yes Apr 25, 1876
View General Law Port Royal Borough 1877 General Law yes Dec 4, 1877
View Annexation Milford Township-Patterson Borough 1891 Annexation yes* 1891
View Annexation Fermanagh Township-Mifflintown Borough 1895 Annexation yes Feb 12, 1895
View Annexation Mifflintown Borough Ordinance 36 yes* 1898
View Township Classification Pennsylvania 1899 Township Classification yes Apr 28, 1899
View Boundary Realignment Patterson Borough-Milford Township 1904 Boundary Ascertainment yes* 1904
View New Name Mifflin Borough 1911 Creation yes Apr 24, 1911
View Annexation Thompsontown Borough 1928 Ordinance yes* 1928–1930
View Annexation Mifflintown Borough Ordinance 81 yes* 1931
View Annexation Port Royal Borough Ordinance 45 yes* 1933
View Annexation Thompsontown Borough 1950 Ordinance yes* May 17, 1950
View Annexation Thompsontown Borough 1961 Ordinance yes* 1961
View Annexation Mifflin Borough Ordinance 121 yes* 1963

Government Action

Detail Action Date Approved Effective Location
View Election May 21, 1974 Rejected

Research Log

Detail Type/Notes Log Date Coverage
Quarter Sessions Docket bk. A (1831–1837)
Quarter Sessions Docket bk. B–C (1837–1868)
Quarter Sessions Docket bk. G–I (1905–1968)
Quarter Sessions Index bk. D–F (1868–1904)
Road Docket bk. 1900 (1900–unk)
Road Docket bk. 193- (1940–unk)

National Archives

Detail Source Set Government File Unit From To
View 1940-1950 Cns. Minor Civ. Div. Corr. Juniata County 17500451 328 332
View Cns. Mp. 1940 Juniata County 5837665 1 1
View Cns. Mp. 1950 Juniata County 36433045 1 1

Other Event Links

Detail Type Description Successful? Date
View New Borough East Waterford Borough Proposed 1845 Creation unknown 1845
View School District Annexation Milford Township-Patterson Borough Proposed 1876 School District Annexation unknown 1876
View Boundary Realignment Delaware Township-Greenwood Township-Monroe Township Proposed 1877 Boundary Realignment unknown 1877
View New Township Tuscarora Township Proposed 1879 Division unknown 1879
View Boundary Realignment Juniata County-Mifflin County Proposed 1891 Boundary Ascertainment unknown 1891
View New Township Fayette Township Proposed 1892 Division no* 1892
View Boundary Realignment Delaware Township-Thompsontown Borough Proposed 1894 Boundary Realignment unknown 1894
View Boundary Realignment Huntingdon County-Juniata County Proposed 1896 Boundary Ascertainment unknown 1896
View Boundary Realignment Fermanagh Township-Mifflintown Borough Proposed 1901 Boundary Realignment unknown 1901
View Annexation Mifflintown Borough-Fermanagh Township Proposed 1902 Annexation unknown 1902
View Annexation Thompsontown Borough Ordinance 1-1970 unknown 1970
View Annexation Delaware Township-Thompsontown Borough Proposed 1974 Annexation no 1974