Government Detail


Name Level Type/Class Home Rule?
Forest, County of county County (Class: 8) no


Census Creation Date Created Boundary Alteration Count Dissolved
Apr 11, 1848 3



Name Relationship Status
Pennsylvania, Commonwealth of Parent current
Allegheny, Township of (Forest, defunct) Child most recent
Barnett, Township of (Forest) Child current
Eldred, Township of (Forest, defunct) Child most recent
Green, Township of (Forest) Child current
Harmony, Township of (Forest) Child current
Heath, Township of (Forest, defunct) Child most recent
Hickory, Township of (Forest) Child current
Howe, Township of (Forest) Child current
Jenks, Township of Child current
Kingsley, Township of Child current
Millstone, Township of Child former
Pinegrove, Township of (Forest, defunct) Child most recent
President, Township of (Forest, defunct) Child most recent
Snyder, Township of (Forest, defunct) Child most recent
Tionesta, Borough of Child current
Tionesta, Township of (Forest) Child current
Tionesta, Township of (Forest, defunct) Child most recent
Warsaw, Township of (Forest, defunct) Child most recent


Detail Type Source Identifier Relationship Web Link
View census US Census Bureau FIPS: County 42053 Lead
View geologic USGS GNIS: Civil 1213669 Lead View
View other Wikidata Q494236 Lead View
View state Pennsylvania DCED: County 27 Lead

Affected Government

Detail How Affected Adverse Government How Adverse Affected Date
View Creation (Within) Jefferson, County of Part Apr 11, 1848
View Reduction (Within) Jefferson, County of Part Apr 2, 1850
View Separation Jefferson, County of Reduction Sep 1, 1857
View Expansion Venango, County of Reduction Dec 24, 1866
View Reduction Elk, County of Expansion Mar 9, 1870
View Swap Elk, County of Swap Apr 3, 1872

Affected Government Form

Detail Government Form Date
View County (Unorganized) Apr 11, 1848
View County Sep 1, 1857
View County, 8th Class Jul 10, 1919

Other Successful Event Links

Detail Type Description Successful? Date
View Annexation Northumberland County-Westmoreland County 1785 Annexation yes+ 1785
View New County Allegheny County 1788 Creation yes Sep 24, 1788
View New Township Allegheny County 1788 Township Division yes Dec 18, 1788
View New Township Venango County 1806 Township Division yes+ Jun 1806
View New Borough Tionesta Borough 1856 Creation yes* Feb 8, 1856
View New Township Millstone Township 1856 Creation yes* Mar 20, 1856
View Dissolution Pinegrove Township-President Township to Tionesta Township Reconstructed 1867 Merger yes? 1867
View New Name Howe Township 1867 Creation yes* May 28, 1867
View Dissolution Allegheny Township-Harmony Township 1867 Merger and Tionesta Township-Harmony Township 1867 Annexation yes+ 1867
View New Township Green Township 1870 Creation yes* 1870
View Annexation Hickory Township-Green Township 1871 Annexation yes* 1871
View Annexation Harmony Township-Tionesta Township 1875 Annexation yes* 1874–1875
View New School District Green Township 1877 Independent School District yes* 1876–1877
View Boundary Realignment Tionesta Township-Tionesta Borough 1880 Boundary Realignment yes* Feb 1880
View Annexation Tionesta Borough-Tionesta Township 1880 Annexation yes* May 17, 1880
View School District Annexation Tionesta Township-Tionesta Borough 1889 School District Annexation yes* 1889
View Township Classification Pennsylvania 1899 Township Classification yes Apr 28, 1899

Government Action

Detail Action Date Approved Effective Location
View Minute: "The County Commissioners were out surveying the County line between Clarion + Forest County July 16 to 19th from Jenks Tp through to Cooksburg, + had map of same made by F. F. Whittikin which is on file in their office." Jul 25, 1894
View Minute: [Payment to F. F. Whittikin] Sep 18, 1894

Research Log

Detail Type/Notes Log Date Coverage
Deed Grantee Index bk. 1858-1933 (1858–1933)
Deed Grantor Index bk. 1858-1933 (1858–1933)
Minute Book bk. 1892-12-07–1895-12-23 (1892–1895)
Miscellaneous Docket (Com.Pl.) bk. 1–5 (1878–2002)
Open Records Request (Miscellaneous) May 2, 2016
Quarter Sessions Docket bk. 1–5 (1858–1975)
Road Docket bk. 1–2 (1850–1995)
Road Draft

National Archives

Detail Source Set Government File Unit From To
View 1940-1950 Cns. Minor Civ. Div. Corr. Forest County 17500450 1813 1816
View Cns. Mp. 1940 Forest County 5837503 1 1
View Cns. Mp. 1950 Forest County 36433008 1 1

Other Event Links

Detail Type Description Successful? Date
View New Township Millstone Township Proposed 1853 Creation no* 1853–1855
View Annexation Jenks Township-Barnett Township Proposed 1860 Annexation unknown 1860
View New School District Harmony Township Proposed 1871 Independent School District no* 1871
View Boundary Realignment Howe Township-Kingsley Township Proposed 1883 Boundary Ascertainment unknown 1883
View Boundary Realignment Harmony Township-Tionesta Township Proposed 1893 Boundary Realignment unknown 1893
View Boundary Realignment Clarion County-Forest County 1894 Boundary Ascertainment unknown 1894
View Annexation Harmony Township-Tionesta Township Proposed 1894 Annexation no* 1894