Government Detail


Name Level Type/Class Home Rule?
Elkland, Township of (Tioga, thru 1858, defunct) municipality or lower Township no


Census Creation Date Created Boundary Alteration Count Dissolved
1814 6 Apr 20, 1858


Name Relationship Status
Tioga, County of Parent most recent


Detail Type Source Identifier Relationship Web Link
View geologic USGS GNIS: Civil 1217109 Historic View

Affected Government

Detail How Affected Adverse Government How Adverse Affected Date
View Creation Delmar, Township of Reduction 1814
View Reduction Lawrence, Township of (Tioga) Creation Dec 1816
View Reduction Middlebury, Township of Creation Sep 1822
View Reduction Deerfield, Township of (Tioga) Expansion Dec 19, 1828
View Reduction Farmington, Township of (Tioga) Creation Feb 1830
View Reduction Elkland, Borough of Creation Apr 10, 1849
View Reduction Osceola, Township of (defunct) Creation 1856
View Swap Elkland, Borough of Swap 1857
View Old Name Nelson, Township of (thru 1886, defunct) New Name Apr 20, 1858

Affected Government Form

Detail Government Form Date
View Township 1814

Other Event Links

Detail Type Description Successful? Date
View New Township Elkland Township-Lawrence Township Proposed 1827 New Township no* 1827
View Boundary Realignment Elkland Township-Farmington Township Proposed 1848 Boundary Realignment unknown 1848