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Name Level Type/Class Home Rule?
Dormont, Borough of municipality or lower Borough no


Census Creation Date Created Boundary Alteration Count Dissolved
Mar 31, 1909 Mar 31, 1909 4



Name Relationship Status
Allegheny, County of Parent current


Detail Type Source Identifier Relationship Web Link
View census US Census Bureau FIPS: County Subdivision 4200319576 Lead
View census US Census Bureau FIPS: Place 4219576 Lead
View county Allegheny County, Pennsylvania 819 Lead
View geologic USGS GNIS: Civil 1214786 Lead View
View geologic USGS GNIS: Populated Place 1173393 Lead View
View other Wikidata Q1133036 Lead View
View state Pennsylvania DCED: Municipality 020843 Lead

Affected Government

Detail How Affected Adverse Government How Adverse Affected Date
View Creation Scott, Township of (Allegheny) Reduction Mar 31, 1909
View Expansion Scott, Township of (Allegheny) Reduction Nov 26, 1909
View Expansion Union, Township of (Allegheny, defunct) Reduction Jan 19, 1917
View Expansion Mount Lebanon, Township of (defunct) Reduction Feb 7, 1921
View Expansion Mount Lebanon, Township of (defunct) Reduction Nov 4, 1925

Affected Government Form

Detail Government Form Date
View Borough (Title 8) Mar 31, 1909

Other Successful Event Links

Detail Type Description Successful? Date
View Tribal Land Cession Pennsylvania 1768 Tribal Land Cession yes+ 1768
View New Township Bedford County 1771 Township Division yes+ Apr 16, 1771
View New Township Westmoreland County 1773 Township Division yes* Apr 6, 1773
View New County Allegheny County 1788 Creation yes Sep 24, 1788
View New Township Allegheny County 1788 Township Division yes Dec 18, 1788
View New Township Lower Saint Clair Township-Upper Saint Clair Township 1838 Creation yes* 1838
View New Township Scott Township 1861 Creation yes* Jun 29, 1861
View Boundary Realignment Lower Saint Clair Township-Scott Township 1862 Boundary Realignment yes Mar 7, 1862
View Annexation Union Township-Scott Township Reconstructed 1896-1905 Annexation yes? 1896–1905
View New Township Mount Lebanon Township 1912 Creation yes Feb 6, 1912
View County Classification Pennsylvania 1919 County Classification yes Jul 10, 1919
View Home Rule (County) Allegheny County 2000 Home Rule yes Jan 1, 2000

Government Action

Detail Action Date Approved Effective Location
View Ordinance 16: Annexing a part of Scott Township to the Borough of Dormont Nov 12, 1909 Nov 15, 1909 p. 50–54
View Ordinance 100: Annexing a portion of Union Township, known as Union Park Plan, to the Borough of Dormont Mar 11, 1913 Mar 12, 1913 p. 109–112
View Ordinance 203: Annexing to said Borough, that part of the Union Park Plan of Lots adjacent to said Borough and situate in the Township of Union and also annexing another portion of the Township of Union bounded by the present Borough line, land of Snyder Estate, the center of Potomac Avenue, a line parallel to and distant 110 feet northerly from the northerly line of Crosby Avenue and the dividing line between Lots Nos. 36 and 37 in the Hawthorne Plan of Lots Dec 8, 1916 Dec 9, 1916 p. 277–281
View Ordinance 278: Admitting and annexing to the Borough of Dormont a certain portion of land adjacent thereto, which is now situated in the Township of Mt. Lebanon, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Mar 11, 1913 Jan 17, 1921 p. 188–192
View Ordinance 539: Annexing to said Borough, adjacent land situate in Mount Lebanon Township in Allegheny County, upon petition of the majority of the freeholders of the territory proposed to be annexed and repealing conflicting ordinances Oct 25, 1925 Oct 25, 1925 p. 104–105

Research Log

Detail Type/Notes Log Date Coverage
Open Records Request (Ordinances) Mar 28, 2015

National Archives

Detail Source Set Government File Unit From To
View 1940-1950 Cns. Minor Civ. Div. Corr. Dormont Borough 17500449 1374 1386
View Cns. Mp. 1950 Dormont 34427531 1 1

Other Event Links

Detail Type Description Successful? Date
View Dissolution Union Township-Green Tree Borough Proposed 1886 Merger no 1886
View Annexation Dormont Borough Ordinance 100 no 1913
View Annexation Mount Lebanon Township-Dormont Borough Proposed 1950 Annexation no 1950
View Home Rule (County) Allegheny County Proposed 1972 Home Rule no 1972–1974
View Home Rule (County) Allegheny County Proposed 1977 Home Rule no 1977–1978