Government Detail


Name Level Type/Class Home Rule?
Davidson, Township of (Sullivan) municipality or lower Township (Class: 2) no


Census Creation Date Created Boundary Alteration Count Dissolved
Jan 3, 1848 2



Name Relationship Status
Sullivan, County of Parent current


Detail Type Source Identifier Relationship Web Link
View cadastral Sullivan County, Pennsylvania 03 Lead
View census US Census Bureau FIPS: County Subdivision 4211318296 Lead
View geologic USGS GNIS: Civil 1217069 Lead View
View other Wikidata Q5241670 Lead View
View state Pennsylvania DCED: Municipality 570095 Lead

Affected Government

Detail How Affected Adverse Government How Adverse Affected Date
View Creation Davidson, Township of (Lycoming, defunct) Reduction Jan 3, 1848
View Reduction Colley, Township of Creation Dec 1849
View Reduction Laporte, Township of Creation Sep 26, 1850
View Ascertainment Laporte, Township of Ascertainment 1899–1900
View Ascertainment Shrewsbury, Township of (Sullivan) Ascertainment 1955

Affected Government Form

Detail Government Form Date
View Township Jan 3, 1848
View Township, 2nd Class Apr 28, 1899

Other Successful Event Links

Detail Type Description Successful? Date
View Tribal Land Cession Pennsylvania 1768 Tribal Land Cession yes+ 1768
View Boundary Realignment Columbia County-Lycoming County 1826 Boundary Realignment yes* 1826
View School District Annexation Penn Township-Davidson Township 1862 School District Annexation yes Apr 5, 1862
View County Classification Pennsylvania 1919 County Classification yes Jul 10, 1919

National Archives

Detail Source Set Government File Unit From To
View Cns. Mp. 1940 Davidson 5838297 1 1

Other Event Links

Detail Type Description Successful? Date
View Boundary Realignment Davidson Township-Laporte Township Proposed 1852 Boundary Realignment no* 1852
View New Borough Sonestown Borough Proposed 1866 Creation no 1866
View New Township Davidson Township Proposed 1880 Division no 1880
View New Borough Sonestown Borough Proposed 1895 Creation no 1895
View New Township Davidson Township-Laporte Township Proposed 1896 New Township no 1896