Event Detail


Type Method Description Successful?
Annexation Municipality Red Lion Borough 1947 Ordinance yes*


Event Year(s) Final Decree Date Effective Date How Effective Date Determined
1947 Sep 10, 1947 Ordinance - Day after Election after Date Enacted


Affected Government

From Municipality From County From State To Municipality To County To State
York, Township of
York County
Red Lion, Borough of
York County

Metes and Bounds Description

Detail Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
View Red Lion Borough 1947 Ordinance shape ordinance 13.686 concrete monument, a corner of Red Lion Borough, located on the North side of a public alley


Detail Citation Relationship
View Act of May 4, 1927 (Pa. Laws 519, No. 336), §§ 425–427 indirect
View Act of May 18, 1933 (Pa. Laws 818, No. 136), § 1 [425] indirect
View Act of July 2, 1937 (Pa. Laws 2803, No. 588), §§ 10 [3rd] [425]–10 [3rd] [427] indirect
View Act of July 10, 1947 (Pa. Laws 1621, No. 568), §§ 5 [425]–5 [427] indirect

Government Action

Detail Government Action Date Approved Effective Location
Red Lion, Borough of Minute: " The Annexation Ordinance was presnted wherein it was stated that a certain tract of land containing 12 acres more or less adjacent to Fairmount Park would be annexed to Red Lion Borough and passed FIRST RADING on motion of Roseman, seconded Harold Neff. Same Ordinance passed SECOND READING on Motion of Hall, seconded Gordon Neff." Jun 6, 1947 p. 1
Red Lion, Borough of Minute: " The Ordinance Annexing a certain Tract of Land adjacent to Fairmount Park into the Borough was read and passed THIRD READING on motion of Heindel, seconded Gordon Neff." Jul 11, 1947 p. 1
Red Lion, Borough of Ordinance: Annexing to the Borough of Red Lion, a section of York Township, York County, Pennsylvania, adjacent to the said Borough, herein described Jul 11, 1947


Detail Source Title Person(s) Vol. Page(s) Date 1 Date 2
View 1950.Cns.Rep. Footnote 49 38-27
View York Gaz. and Daily Street Improvement Program Planned By Council At Red Lion 12 Jul 12, 1947