Event Detail


Type Method Description Successful?
Annexation Municipality Philipsburg Borough Ordinance 247 yes


Event Year(s) Final Decree Date Effective Date How Effective Date Determined
1947 Nov 17, 1947 Ordinance - Date Filed with Court


Affected Government

From Municipality From County From State To Municipality To County To State
Rush, Township of (Centre)
Centre County
Philipsburg, Borough of
Centre County

Metes and Bounds Description

Detail Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
View Philipsburg Borough Ordinance 247 shape ordinance 40.41 point in the intersection of the East line of South Centre Street with the South line of Philipsburg Borough


Detail Tribunal Type No. Term Relationship
View Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace of Centre County, Pennsylvania Sessions 69 Dec 1947 direct


Detail Citation Relationship
View Act of May 4, 1927 (Pa. Laws 519, No. 336), §§ 425–427 indirect
View Act of May 18, 1933 (Pa. Laws 818, No. 136), § 1 [425] indirect
View Act of July 2, 1937 (Pa. Laws 2803, No. 588), §§ 10 [3rd] [425]–10 [3rd] [427] indirect
View Act of July 10, 1947 (Pa. Laws 1621, No. 568), §§ 5 [425]–5 [427] indirect

Government Action

Detail Government Action Date Approved Effective Location
Philipsburg, Borough of Ordinance 247: Annexing to the Borough of Philipsburg, Centre County, Pennsylvania, a portion of Rush Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania (a second class township) adjacent to the said Borough and directing the proper borough officials of the Borough to comply with the Acts of Assembly required in connection with said annexation Nov 3, 1947 Nov 3, 1947


Detail Source Title Person(s) Vol. Page(s) Date 1 Date 2
View 1940-1950.Cns.Minor.Civ.Div.Corr. 17500450 -1 Mar 28, 1950
View 1950.Cns.Rep. Footnote 11 38-18
View Pa.Dep't.Educ.Ax.F. (St.Arc. 22.120) (1940-66) Rush Township School District (Centre County), 1949 (1 folder)