Event Detail


Type Method Description Successful?
Annexation Municipality New Holland Borough Ordinance 164 yes*


Event Year(s) Final Decree Date Effective Date How Effective Date Determined


Affected Government

From Municipality From County From State To Municipality To County To State
Earl, Township of (Lancaster)
Lancaster County
New Holland, Borough of
Lancaster County

Metes and Bounds Description

Detail Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
View New Holland Borough Ordinance 164 shape ordinance 26.76 Northeast corner of this tract of land, being the Southeast corner of a tract of land annexed to the Borough of New Holland in the year 1948 and said beginning point being within the limits of the public road leading from the New Holland Pike Southward to Rancks Church


Detail Tribunal Type No. Term Relationship
View Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Road Minutes 51 Mar 1960 direct


Detail Citation Relationship
View Act of July 2, 1937 (Pa. Laws 2803, No. 588), §§ 10 [3rd] [425]–10 [3rd] [427] indirect
View Act of July 20, 1953 (Pa. Laws 550, No. 145), §§ 1–9 indirect
View Act of May 4, 1927 (Pa. Laws 519, No. 336), §§ 425–427 reference
View Act of May 18, 1933 (Pa. Laws 818, No. 136), § 1 [425] reference
View Act of July 10, 1947 (Pa. Laws 1621, No. 568), §§ 5 [425]–5 [427] reference
View Act of July 19, 1951 (Pa. Laws 1026, No. 217), §§ 1 [425]–1 [427] reference

Government Action

Detail Government Action Date Approved Effective Location
New Holland, Borough of Ordinance 164: Annexing to the Borough of New Holland, in the County of Lancaster and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a portion of Earl Township in said county and commonwealth, adjacent and southeast from the southeastern part of the aforesaid borough as herein described Apr 18, 1960 Apr 18, 1960 p. 424–425


Detail Source Title Person(s) Vol. Page(s) Date 1 Date 2
View 1970.Cns.Rep. Footnote 31 40-44
View Pa.Dep't.Educ.Ax.F. (St.Arc. 22.120) (1940-66) Earl Township School District (Lancaster County), 1947-1960 (1 folder)