Event Detail


Type Method Description Successful?
Annexation Municipality Lansdale Borough Ordinance 158 yes


Event Year(s) Final Decree Date Effective Date How Effective Date Determined
1925–1926 Sep 16, 1925 Ordinance - Day after Election after Date Filed with Court


Affected Government

From Municipality From County From State To Municipality To County To State
Hatfield, Township of
Montgomery County
Lansdale, Borough of
Montgomery County

Metes and Bounds Description

Detail Description Type Source Acres Beginning Point
View Lansdale Borough Ordinance 158 shape ordinance 186.855 a point in the north boundary line of the property of the Doylestown Branch on the North Pennsylvania Railroad Company, being the intersection of the west side of Hatfield Street extended, and the said north boundary line of the said Railroad Company's property, also a point in the present east borough line and at a distance of approximately 300 ft northwesterly from the north side of Walnut Street


Detail Tribunal Type No. Term Relationship
View Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Election 311 1925 direct


Detail Citation Relationship
View Act of May 14, 1915 (Pa. Laws 312, No. 192), ch. 3, art. 1, §§ 18–19 indirect
View Act of May 25, 1921 (Pa. Laws 1142, No. 424), § 1 indirect
View Act of June 28, 1923 (Pa. Laws 903, No. 348), § 18 indirect

Government Action

Detail Government Action Date Approved Effective Location
Lansdale, Borough of Ordinance 158: Declaring the annexation and admission into the Borough of Lansdale, of certain lots and outlots, comprising a section of land in Hatfield Township lying adjacent to said Borough upon a petition of a majority of the freehold owners of said lots and out lots, and extending the Borough limits so as to include said adjacent territory Jul 6, 1925 Jul 6, 1925


Detail Source Title Person(s) Vol. Page(s) Date 1 Date 2
View 1930.Cns.Rep. Footnote 35 951
View 1930.Cns.Rep. Footnote 35 951