Adjudication Detail


Tribunal Current Filing Office
Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania Clerk of Courts of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania


Type No. Term
Road 3 Jan 1801


Long Caption Short Description Notes
Petition for the Township of Rindaw (from Wyalusing)

Location References

Type Location
Road Docket v. A, p. 13
Road Papers roll 1-1802, session 1801
Map Docket v. 1, p. 23


Type/Detail Date Filed Other Notes
Petition Nov 1800
Order for Appointment of Commissioner(s), Master(s), or Viewer(s) Jan 1801
Report of Commissioner(s), Master(s), or Viewer(s) Aug 1801
Final Decree: implied Nov 1801

Event Links

Detail Type Description Successful? Date Relationship
View New Township Rush Township 1801 Creation yes* Nov 1801 direct