Adjudication Detail


Tribunal Current Filing Office
Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - Criminal Division Clerk of Courts of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Type No. Term
Road Minutes 169.5 Sep 1969

Location References

Type Location
Road Minutes v. 1955-1985, p. 169


Type/Detail Date Filed Other Notes
Complaint: of West Hempfield Township Sep 9, 1969
Order: recognizance posted $500 Sep 9, 1969
Order: complaint sustained; Ordinance declared null and void; costs to be borne by Borough Oct 6, 1969
Ordinance (with certification) Aug 27, 1969
Complaint Sep 8, 1969
Bond or Recognizance: 500 Sep 8, 1969

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Detail Type Description Successful? Date Relationship
View Annexation Columbia Borough Ordinance 447 no 1969 direct