Adjudication Detail


Tribunal Current Filing Office
Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace of Indiana County, Pennsylvania Clerk of Courts of Indiana County, Pennsylvania


Type No. Term
Sessions 22 Jun 1890


Long Caption Short Description Notes
Burrell-Blairsville 1891 Annexation

Location References

Type Location
Sessions Docket v. 9, p. 241–242
Sessions Docket v. 9, p. 248


Type/Detail Date Filed Other Notes
Petition Jun 3, 1890
Approval by Grand Jury Jun 4, 1890
Final Decree Oct 6, 1890 Nunc Pro Tunc Sep 3, 1890

Event Links

Detail Type Description Successful? Date Relationship
View Annexation Burrell Township-Blairsville Borough 1891 Annexation yes* Jan 30, 1891 direct