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Tribunal Current Filing Office
Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace of Fayette County, Pennsylvania Clerk of Courts of Fayette County, Pennsylvania


Type No. Term
Civil 69 Mar 1948


Long Caption Short Description Notes
In re: Annexation of certain adjacent territory of German Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, to the Borough of Masontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania Ordinance of April 26, 1948

Location References

Type Location
Civil Docket v. 11, p. 143–146
Civil Docket v. 11, p. 487


Type/Detail Date Filed Other Notes
Ordinance (with certification) May 25, 1948
Approval by State Council (or Board) of Education Sep 30, 1948 Oct 1, 1948
Service upon Board of Elections Service May 25, 1948
No Election Occurs Within Two (2) Months of Initial Pleading or Final Decree May 25, 1948 Next Election Nov 2, 1948
Petition for Distribution of Annexed Territory to Precincts Sep 3, 1948
Decree for Distribution of Annexed Territory to Precincts: 3rd Precinct Oct 8, 1948

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Detail Type Description Successful? Date Relationship
View Annexation Masontown Borough 1948 Ordinance yes May 25, 1948 direct