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Tribunal Current Filing Office
Court of Common Pleas of Berks County, Pennsylvania Prothonotary of Berks County, Pennsylvania


Type No. Term
Equity 1107 1913


Long Caption Short Description Notes
Anna Eliza Treichler, James G. Treichler and David L. Treichler vs. The Borough of Kutztown, the School District of the Borough of Kutztown, and Charles A. Frey, Collector of Taxes of the Borough of Kutztown

Location References

Type Location
Equity Docket v. D, p. 302
Equity Docket v. D, p. 301

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Detail Citation Opinion Date Title
View 6 Berks Cty. L. J. 218–223 May 23, 1914 Treichler et al. vs. Borough of Kutztown.

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Detail Type Description Successful? Date Relationship
View Annexation Kutztown Borough 1909 Ordinance no 1909–1912 reference*
View Annexation Kutztown Borough 1912 Ordinance yes May 23, 1912 reference*